• Prerequisite: MKT 220. This course focuses on the critical strategic and tactical marketing planning issues a firm faces. Topics covered include product life-cycle planning, new product planning, and the use of marketing research to aid the planning process. Special attention is paid to the key new product development steps including opportunity search, idea screening, economic evaluation, product development, product testing, and commercialization.
  • Prerequisites: ACC 101, BUS 101, ECO 211, ECO 210, MKT 220. This course offers an introduction to the vital issues of international business including economics, political, cultural and operational differences with emphasis on multinational corporate policy and strategy. (Offered every even-year fall semester.)
  • Prerequisites: BUS 101, MAT 102, SS 231.An in-depth study of operations and production management, including both theory and current practice. Key topics include operations strategies, product and process design, plant capacity and location, manufacturing technology, quality management, continuous improvement, services operations, project management, supply chain management, and JIT/lean manufacturing. Emphasis is placed on general concepts, current practice, and problem solving

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